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Operation Greens Scheme

The Union Minister of Food Processing Industries has provided useful information regarding the Op Greens Scheme.
What is Operation Greens?
  • Operation Greens is a scheme to fix the right prices for farmers’ produce. It aims to ensure that farmers are given the right price for the resource created by them.
  • The program focuses on organized marketing of TOP vegetables i.e. Tomatoes, Onions, and Potatoes by connecting the farmers with consumers.
  • Through Operation Greens government plans to provide financial assistance to Farmer Producer Organizations, State Agriculture and other Marketing Federations, cooperatives, companies, food processors, Self-help groups, etc.
  • The E-NAM platforms* will be connected to the Agriculture Produce Market Committee* so as to help in the structural and infrastructure part of Operation Greens scheme.
  • The government has also decoded help in the development of 22,000 agricultural markets under this scheme.
  • Agricultural Produce Market Committee – APMC is a statutory market committee constituted by a State Government in respect of trade in certain notified agricultural or livestock or horticultural products, under the Agricultural Produce Market Committee Act.
  • *The e-National Agriculture Market (E-NAM) is an important initiative of the Government of India to use electronic trading portal pan-India for bidding and network the existing APMC mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.
Objectives of Operation Greens
  • Stabilisation of prices for consumers and producers by proper planning in the production of TOP clusters and introduction of dual use varieties.
  • Improving value realisation of TOP farmers by targeted interventions to strengthen FPOs and TOP production clusters and linking them with the market.
  • Reducing after harvest losses by creating farm gate infrastructure, appropriate storage capacity, developing suitable agro-logistics and linking consumption centres.
  • Increase in food processing capacities and value addition in the TOP value chain with firm linkages with production clusters.
  • Setting up a market intelligence network to collect real-time data on price and demand and supply of TOP crops.

Key provisions

  • Short term intervention by way of providing transportation and storage subsidy @ 50% and
  • long term intervention through value addition projects in identified production clusters with Grant-in-aid @ 35% to 70% of eligible project cost subject to maximum of Rs. 50 crore per project
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