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In 2020-21, over 58,000 children were rescued across India from work, rehabilitated and mainstreamed under the National Child Labour Project, according to figures tabled in Lok Sabha by Minister for Labour and Employment.
What is Child Labour?
  • Child Labour refers to the exploitation of children for any form of work that would deprive them of gaining equal access to education and a normal childhood.
  • This results in the victimized child being used mostly for physically, socially and mentally harmful work.
  • India currently is home to more than 10 million child labourers, despite the various legislations and efforts taken in this direction by the Indian Government.
  • The elimination of child labour is essential to achieve the set developmental goals of the government by 2030.
National Child Labour Project (NCLP) Scheme

It is a Central Government Scheme which has been devised to tackle the issue of child labor is a more effective manner by focussing on specific target ideas, identifying the victims, withdrawing them from hazardous situations, focussing on their rehabilitation and meanwhile spreading awareness on the functionalities of NCLP and the other agencies on child labour to the families of the child labourers.

Objectives of NCLP:
  • It aims at the expulsion of child labour in all forms possible through a sequential basis of:
    • Identification of children in child labour in the project area.
    • Withdrawing the identified children.
    • Preparation of the withdrawn children for introduction to mainstream education by providing necessary vocational training.
    • Ensuring that they’re benefitted by the multitude of services provided by the different governments and agencies.
  • It aims at the withdrawal of adolescent children from hazardous situations or occupations by
    • Identifying all adolescents and withdrawing them from the project area.
    • Facilitating training programmes for such adolescents through the skill development schemes which are currently existing.
  • It aims at raising awareness amongst the target communities and the other stakeholders regarding child labour about the functionality of NCLP.
  • To create a Child Labour Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting System to stay updated with the situation.
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