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The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has reported that around two to four of 10,000 people given two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have tested positive for the disease. Contracting COVID-19 after vaccination is known as breakthrough infection.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Indian Council of Medical Research on Wednesday allayed fears about people testing positive after getting vaccinated, saying that the number of infections is very low. Speaking to the media, the Health Ministry said that data shows that till date, four per 10,000 people tested positive after the first dose or second dose for Covaxin, and for Covishield, only two per 10,000 got infected after vaccination.

The Health Ministry shared data on the number of people who tested positive after vaccination. In the case of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, out of a total 1.1 crore total vaccinations, 93,56,436 people received the first dose and 4208 (0.04%) tested positive after the first dose. 17,37,178 people received the second dose and out of them, 695 (0.4%) tested positive after the second dose.

In the case of Covishield, a total of 11.6 crore have been vaccinated —  10,03,02,745 people received the first dose and 17,145 (0.02%) tested positive after the first dose and out of the 1,57,32,754 who got the second dose, 5014 (0.03%) tested positive after 2nd dose.

This is a very small number. Two-four per 10,000 breakthrough infections have occurred after vaccinations. This is because healthcare workers and frontline workers were first to be vaccinated and they are prone to more occupational exposure. This is not worrisome and vaccination should continue.

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