Border Roads Organisation (BRO)

Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh inaugurated two Centres of Excellence established by Border Roads Organisation (BRO) at Seema Sadak Bhawan in New Delhi.
The Centre of Excellence for Road Safety and Awareness (CoERSA) aims to create awareness about road safety through analysis sharing of road accidents and suggesting methods to save precious lives. “The Centre of Excellence for Roads, Bridges, Air Fields and Tunnels (CoERBAT) focuses on institutionalising the knowledge gained over the years in development of almost 60,000 kilometres of roads, 56,000 metres of bridges, 19 airfields and four tunnels in the eastern and north-western part of the country
About Border Roads Organisation (BRO)

BRO is a modern and transnational construction organization that is committed to meeting the strategic requirements of the Indian armed forces. The organization plays a vital role in upscaling infrastructural development.

  • Initially, BRO was functional under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. But since 2015, it is being managed and is functional under the Ministry of Defence
  • BRO is operational in 21 Indian states and 1 union territory. But also, functional in our friendly countries like neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka
  • The Organisation was formed on May 7, 1960, to maintain and develop the Indian remote areas of north and northeast situated near the borders
  • The BRO Raising Day is celebrated on May 7, every year
  • In June 2018, Lt General Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastava took over the post of Director General in Border Roads Organisation and is the

The composition of this organization comprises Officers and troops who are selected from the Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers, Army Service Corps, Military Police, and other personnel

Mission of Border Roads Organisation

BRO works under set guidelines or as instructed by the Government of the country. Given below is the mission of BRO:

    • To ensure that cost-effective, sustainable, and strategic needs of the armed forces are met without any inconvenience
    • Achieving an international level of quality excellence and time consciousness
    • Present their expertise in any project of national or transnational development
    • Using information technology in the best possible manner and implementing it as an advantage in the various infrastructure projects
    • Highest level of proficiency must be shown with every construction
    • To upgrade the quality of life and livelihood in border areas by helping them with the means of easy transport, accessibility and connectivity
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